About Egytex 2019

“Egytex2019” is the 11th exhibition of its kind to be organized in Egypt from 25-27 November 2019, aiming to provide its visitors with extensive choices in textile products and resources, in order to have advanced and complete chain on the production aspects of the manufacturing, as well as more alternatives on final products.

Playing an important role in promoting business negotiations and transactions, “Egytex2019” is a perfect platform helping buyers find solutions for there sourcing needs. Like all times, “Egytex2019” will once again be a great mix of vivacity and style. There would be on display a rich amalgamation of the whole supply chain; from fibres, yarns and fabrics, to apparel, home textile and accessories.

“Egytex2019” Trade Fair is supported from numerous Egyptian textile manufacturers. To ensure a larger involvement this year, “Egytex2019”, is actively cooperating with the local textile associations and those hosting the textile manufacturers as part of their associations.

Great efforts have been placed from the Government of Egypt and the GOIEF – Egypt’s General Organization for International Exhibitions and Trade Fairs, by providing the maximum facilities to “Egytex2019” Trade Fair.

“EGYTEX 2019” Inner-Activities

“Egytex2019” is enhanced by a number of initiatives. The aim is to create a new ‘look and feel’ to the event. Resources are allocated to delivering an ‘exhibition experience’ – through the activities organized within the Trade Fair frame.

  1. To have a clearer picture on the Egyptian Textile Industry and its sectors, “Egytex2019” Trade Fair has programmed factory visits on the 27th of November, 2019. The textile factories to visit are chosen from the Organizing Committee of “Egytex2019” according to the preferences of visitors, as stated in the “Visitors Registration form” and covering the whole specter of the Industry; starting from Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing & Finishing, up to Apparel, Home Textile and Accessories Manufacturing Sectors.
  2. To enable an informal interaction between exhibitors and visitors/buyers, the Organizing Committee of “Egytex2019” has organized a “Social Events” Schedule”, spread out through the three days of “Egytex2019”, during evenings, such as: Egytex Reception – 25 November, and a Fashion Show Gala Dinner – 27th of November.