EGYTEX – Egypt’s International Textile, Apparel and Home Textile Sourcing Trade Fair

Egypt’s Apparel and Home Textile Industry imports of intermediate textile products such as cotton and man-made yarns, knitted and woven fabrics, accessories and trimmings, are worth up to 4.5 billion USD annually.  Egyptian manufacturers are always exploring new suppliers and efficient platforms to source their input materials.  

“Egytex” Trade Fair is the only established trade show in Egypt for suppliers of fibres, manufacturers of yarns, fabrics, apparel, home textiles and accessories, providing a display of the full spectrum of the supply chain involved in the textile manufacturing; thus offering extensive choices for an advanced and complete chain on the production aspects of the textile products.

The ultimate goal of “Egytex” Trade Fair is the increase of trade relations from and to Egypt under a professional event which attracts a vast range of international buyers.

Once again the 11th edition of “Egytex” is all set to continue and emphasize towards more chances given to all the participants in the fair; international and local exhibitors. Offering well structured zones according to the products on display, the show will be a complete package of variety, design, trend and fashion.